Leverano Horizon tower – 2014

PROGETTO: Lorenzo Faroldi

Sky ramp2 - Leverano Horizon tower 2014 - Faroldi


How is made a tower in the 21st century?

Architecture is now lighter, brighter and more efficent than in the past, and uses sustainable materials inspired by nature.The tower is no more a heavy defensive element, without windows and made of stone. So the Sky Ramp is just  the opposite and wants to rapresent its times, being functional but also poetical and beautiful.The Sky Ramp is inspired by olive trees,by the greenhouse structures and by the thin and light poles supporting vineyards in the surroundings so it wants to be related but not mimetic with nature. Three main principles: structure, function, beauty.

On the ground floor there is a small bike sharing point, where you can rent a bike for a travel in the countryside, a small info point with panels and touristic brochures and maps and a toilet that serves the touristic shelter and other visitors.

Sky ramp1 - Leverano Horizon tower 2014 - Faroldi

At the first floor there is a small but comfy room with two beds and a little space for luggage. This space is intended as a shelter and not as an hotel room. During the ramp ascention the visitor is involved in a very impressive experience that always gives a 360° view of nature. At 16m of height there is a large observation deck to see the bucolic landscape and the sea.

The materials used are  only steel and glass panels, easy to be assembled  but also to be  dismantled and recycled.